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Image by Mitsuo Hirata

Participating in classes or 1-2-1 training sessions will strengthen the relationship between you and your dog. Your dog will learn how to cope with all the things that life can throw at them and how to respond appropriately. 


Not only that, but you will also benefit by learning more about your dogs' behaviour and about training in an effective way.


I only use kind methods of positive reinforcement in training, and the training is carried out playing short, fun games that teach your dogs how to think for themselves and to learn to make the right choice in various different situations and environments.


This results in a dog that will be calm, resourceful and a pleasure for you and others to be around. In short, a dog that you can be proud to say "This Is My Best Friend" and a dog who is Ready For Life.


The games are built around teaching different 'concepts' that result in a calm, confident, adaptable and focussed dog. Each game is introduced at a 'foundation' level and then built on, level by level so that we work together towards having a dog that is 'real-life ready' - able to adapt to new and different situations and environments without becoming stressed.


I ask that you work with your dog on either a flat buckle collar and lead, a front fastening harness or a head collar. These gentle tools will work perfectly with our training methods.

Image by Cristofer Jeschke
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