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Maggi McAllister-MacGregor

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I've had dogs all my life. Training and dog behaviour has always interested me.  I've had the pleasure of being a guardian to different breeds - CollieX's, Scottish Deerhounds and German Shepherds. Currently I have two Miniature Poodles - Spirit, who is 1 year and Magik, who is 5 years.


Some of my dogs have been what would be described as 'reactive' with other dogs, and I know how stressful this can be. Solas, my last German Shepherd, used to be reactive and unpredictable with other dogs and I had limited success with other methods of training. Since beginning playing the games a few years ago, she became able to go anywhere and be around dogs calmly. I know this type of training works to transform a dog.


I'm a graduate of the Absolute Dogs Pro Trainer course. This is the only professional training school in the UK that runs instructor training in Games-Based dog training. 

What Makes Us Unique As A Training School?

As well as being a qualified dog trainer, I've worked for over 20 years with people who are experiencing stress and anxiety and I have a particular interest in the application of neuroscience in this area. This helps me to not only understand what is going on for the dog, but also with the human side of the relationship.

I know that sometimes having a dog can bring stress as well as pleasure, so I will be able to work with your responses to what's happening with your dog in order to provide a well-rounded approach to the relationship between you and your dog.

Image by Max Kleinen
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