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What To Expect From The Classes

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

What to expect in ‘The Really Useful Dog Training School’ Classes:-

  • · Small classes – 4 - 5 dogs, and however many humans who are involved in the training!

  • · FUN – all the training is based on play! Playing games with your dog, having FUN and developing a great relationship between you and your dog. How awesome is that?

  • · When you come to class you will have your own, safe ‘Training Pod’ to work in. This ensures that you can stop worrying about what your dog or puppy is going to get up to. Having a contained space allows you to work ‘off leash’ without you dog being able to wander off; it helps keep your dog’s attention on you.

  • · We work some of the class without dogs! This will allow you time to absorb the concepts behind what you are achieving with your dog, and it provides time to ask questions and to share experiences together. This is important! In order to get results with your dog, you need to understand the ‘why’ of what you’re doing; and learning from each other is powerful! Learning occurs from our triumphs and from our mistakes! We need to know what ‘not to do’ as well as ‘what to do’ in order to have a real understanding of what’s going on.

  • · You will be encouraged to video your training sessions on your phone. This is ‘Really Useful’ to let you see how far you’ve both come. (and it’s not for sharing in class, it’s for your own, private learning – of course, if you want to share it, that would be awesome!)

  • · The positive reinforcement is not just confined to your dog. As a class, we will celebrate the achievements that you have with your dog! We will also be there for the struggles as well. You are not alone! We are all part of The Really Useful Dog Training School Community.

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