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Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Welcome to The Really Useful Dog Training School. In our 1:2:1 training programmes you will learn lots of 'really useful' things about training your dog, dog behaviour and your relationship with your dog..

In the programmes you will learn about aspects of training and behaviour and will have the opportunity to ask questions.

As the programmes progress we introduce more distractions to really get your dog 'Ready For Life'.

The training is all 'Game-Based' which means that we play short games with the dogs to teach them specific concepts - Focus, Proximity, Calmness, Self-control, Optimism/confidence, Grit/determination - to name a few!

These concepts get translated into behaviours that you want your dog to do in everyday life. For example, you may want a dog who is able to walk on a lead without pulling. So, what 'concepts' are needed for loose-lead walking?  To achieve this you need a dog that will FOCUS on you and who is happy to be in PROXIMITY to you. With these two concepts you have a dog who will walk on a lead without pulling - without having to specifically teach 'loose-lead walking'. When we teach the concepts, the behaviours follow on naturally. We can and do also teach specific behaviours like 'sit' or 'down', although probably not in the 'traditional' way!

This is a new way to train your dog - one that is kind and effective. So, get in touch to book your introductory session or a 1:2:1 programme now.

Call 07544 729237

or email:

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